Manage your company expenses easily and effectively.

With EZCosts you will quickly and easily find out where your company’s money goes.


EZCosts allows:

Full control of your expenses A leading manager can determine budget for a subdivision/project and monitor its implementation every single moment. With the Budget System an executive officer may approve/edit/comment/deny the employees' funding requests.
Easy reporting to your investors To give an account for each penny spent is as easy as ABC. Now your investors/executives may at any time find out how effectively your managers dispose the company’s budget. The manager doesn't waste time on unnecessary reports, and develops your business instead.
Faster funding of projects With a simple intuitive interface funding requests are created in 2 clicks. An executive officer will receive such request immediately and decide whether to allocate funds or decline the request.
Increase in managers’ working efficiency Your managers do not waste time and efforts on paper chase and red-tapery. Any time and any place system access helps you to quickly solve all important issues.
Protection of financial information All users have different access rights. Each employee can see only the required information – and nothing else. The online system uses banking security tools. SSL-encoding ensures full safety of your data.
Sense of the company’s financial pulse Detailed statistics of the company’s expenses is available at any time. You don’t need to search piles of papers or burrow in accounting reports any more. All necessary information is provided with filtering by date, subdivision/project/manager.
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